Friday, March 27, 2009

Bouffant Sleeves

Taking a cue from the 30s and 40s, channelling Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, Fall 2009's style is WWI provocative lady a la dick tracy, showing how it was like when the husbands weren't there. If you've ever seen those AMC classic movies, you'd get what I mean. Coats nipped at the waist, Hats, Gloves, Aeroplanes. Furs, lace, bows, gold accessories, velvet and moire say, "I've still got it." We've fallen on hard times, it's a dark period but the glamour girl portrayed rides strong.

I love the word Bouffant. Bouffant hair? Meh. So-so. But bouffant sleeves - oh, so so sexy. They accentuate a woman's shoulders.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana shows what it really means to stick to a theme. Mad heels.

Zac Posen



Positively rich.

-Miss C.

I have found the Fountain of Youth!

For some odd reason, I have been thinking of monchichis and yebypawka. Yes those monkey thingies.

The Yebypawka

Actually had some painkillers just now, hence am not in the straightest frame of mind. Perhaps quite crooked. I chanced upon this lovely book with a plushy cover. It's called Friends With You Have Powers! WOOOO!

Friends With You Have Powers!

The glitter and weird white ponyo-like spectre flying into a ginormous licorice giant made me a wee bit happy (or high). It's cute! I thought it had something to do with Katamari, you know, the rolling game? It looks Yo Gabba Gabba-ish too, and NO I'm not still in my infancy, I don't know why I've been attracted to such brightly colored stuff of late, probably because... well... I don't know... LIFE IS DRAB! The toxicity in the air is seriously getting worse. My computer is starting to reek of free radicals. Coming to think of it, I think I'm having a fever. Damn you Total-Recall-esque sun! The days of an air-con dome habitat are looming ever nearer...With my friends slowly falling sick, the hypochondriac radar has been switched on. How can we save ourselves?

Where we will all end up

Well how apt that I now see this squeaky clean book in front of me. I open it and instantly I feel as though I've just had a few watts added to my life. Exaggerated maybe but it's filled with pages of whee, happy illustrations and fresh characters. My batteries have just been recharged! What is this prism of childlike phantasmagoria, sunshine, rainbows, and pots of gold?

I like the Malfis chilling at the back :)

An introduction; Friends With You is the Miami duo of artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. They have plush toys, installations, animations and have done ads for the likes of Nike and Coca Cola! I really like their playground called the Rainbow Valley at Adventura Mall in Miami,

Funny white Loch Ness ('0') cracks me up!

as well as the bouncy house at the Hard Rock in Vegas:

Those look like Gacha-pon containers huh. Please do take a look at their site here. They have gallery and a store, some fresh vids too. I pretty like their design philosophy, kind of digging it, it feels good!

"All we want to convey is magic, luck and friendship. I guess you could see it as a club that accepts people from all religions and cultures - each person, animal, even each blade of grass is already part of it. We are all Friends With You."

Now what does this make me feel like doing?
(drinking bottles of glitter)

-Miss C.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beams T

In Causeway Bay there is this shop tucked between swanky boutiques with funky lights called Beams T. Pardon the shaky shot (unintentionally set it to long exposure, don't you just hate that?) Let's pretend it looks like something landed from outer space, or once again, Japan. It's a Japanese Brand with really cool t-shirts featuring awesome graphics and illustrations. Is it anything like threadless or Graniph? Who can beat a name like that; Beams T.

Beams T

They seem to do a lot of collabos, with names like Volcom, and RVCA. Do check out the shirts from the online store:
Ahhh. Now I get why. Via Amazon:

"The T–shirt designs in this book have been selected by Beams T, a hugely popular fashion retail chain and manufacturer in Japan devoted to T–shirts. Founded in 1986, Beams T regards the T–shirt as a canvas for new ideas in art and design and each year of their 20–year history, has invited artists from around the world to create designs for their T–shirts.

In this book, 350 of the best of these T–shirt designs are featured in full color."

Like Andy Warhol, bringing Limited Ed. culture to the masses. Yes I want a piece of designer please. Word has it that the Tokyo Daikanyama store even has them on conveyor belts. If robots really do take over the world one day, you'll know where they came from. They even have cute girls' stuff, quite a number are sold out! These are some items from Ray Beams:

They even have a Merrier maternity label, a more androgynous Beams Boy label, and even one for kids! It's a bit like Uniqlo, fast and fresh. Gosh the pictures speak more than I can ever say, go see for yourself.

-Miss C.

Wooden Frames

We all know that green is the new black. You've all heard of the wooden USB drives and iPod covers, but nothing spells more eco-chic than wooden frame glasses, with glasses making such a big comeback in the past few years. I couldn't take my eyes off them the first time I laid them on this pair a HK Nike salesman was wearing. They were wooden, geeky, with a sleek white coat on the inside and true tree on the outside.

Ever seen those paper/foam/balsa wood aeroplanes which parts could be punched out from a single sheet and crafted into an ultra cool flying machine? Or those plastic parts for toys you needed to twist out? This is like a mix of both, except much nicer to touch and look at. Like an Eames chair. Did I mention how nice it is to touch and look at? Urban Spectacles has the scoop on tone, grain, custom jobs, loads of pictures and what not. Like fine wine, it also gets better with age, and may change to a different shade of brown from UV rays and oxidation.

Sagawafuji frames

You may also want to indulge in these Japanese Sagawafuji frames. Imagine how light they must be to wear, and plus, you get bonsai vision. B)

-Miss C.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kimono by Frankie Morello

This number by Milan Designer Frankie Morello from the Fall/Winter 09/10 collection. is tastefully elegant and the bow does not appear overly cutesy. The oriental flower print is reinterpreted into a European flavoured one, with the deep fuchsia contrasting unconventionally well with the greens for a successful cultural crossover. It’s very different from the usually warm tones of a kimono. The peplum style adds a subtle layer of va-va-voom volume. When paired with the dusty pink aubergine petal skirt, what comes to mind is the dream of spring on a winter’s day.

-Miss C.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Love Kittens

I can’t resist Hello Kitty. The cat with no mouth, and granted its perfect look of kitten-done-no-wrong-innocence never fails to charm my inner girl into a pile of squealing glee. I try to suppress this childish fanaticism, but cant’t resist staring a few seconds longer at the larger than life dripping sweet pink and black M.A.C. poster of a real-life kitty model!

Hello Kitty Wild

Efficient marketing ploy, hook line and sinker. In a split second I remember seeing the cosmetics line in the papers that it was being launched today, so I walk in to take a look at what’s new. As expected there are other curious and starry-eyed girls like me, and surprise surprise; already many of the pots and tubes are sold out! Hello Kitty has certainly come a long way from her primary color days. She’s glam and seductive, and so glossy and glittery that she’s delectable even. Check out the Hello Kitty Mild/Wild/Kouture lines here, or watch the 4 minute Alice in Wonderlandesque Video:

Even Anteprima, famed for it’s shimmery plastiq wire bag has adopted Miss. Kitty for upscale girlie chic.

My favourite is the black one ,with the puffy stuffable cheeks and tum-tum of black caviar. I would love to pair it with heels, denim and leather for a soft edge, even if it means risking attracting the attention of hordes of jealous schoolgirls, or people going "Whoa, it's an animal!".

It also comes in clutches and totes, arm candy guaranteed to lend a touch of youth and sparkle to any evening occasion.

I must admit I personally think that felines have a very alluring quality about them… Especially the black ones, perhaps because they seem supernatural? Graceful creatures... Imagine, in Egypt, they're revered as goddesses... and they've been around since the age of Cleopatra.

-Miss. C