Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HOLY COW! Fashion x Music

HOLY COW! How freaking hot are these WeSC headphones? They're unisex street headphones and in case you're wondering, WeSC stands for We Are the Superlative Conspiracy, which way to go, I see C.U.L.T following already. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and here is the About me. Chuckled at some parts, but I really admire their vision:
"WeSC is a street fashion brand for intellectual slackers.

WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy symbolizes what WeSC as a company represents; a group, a family of good and competent people working towards the same ideal and goals.

WeSC is not merely a brand in the fashion industry, but rather a company within the skateboard culture. We create “street fashion”, clothing with roots in a subculture that sets its own rules and follows its own trends.

The company was founded on January 7th 2000, our official “Day of The Superlative Conspiracy”. The founders are all avid skateboarders and snowboarders.

The idea was to create a street fashion brand, a brand that represented street fashion – not streetwear. We felt that the purpose contained more than just t-shirts and jeans, a broader selection for men and women. None of what we wanted to achieve was to be found in the distribution network that we related to. Today WeSC is available in more than 20 countries around the world.

WeSC is addressing people with awareness, regardless of race, religion or financial background. These people all share the values and lifestyle of the WeSC founders. We deliver “life after skate”, a more developed style that also targets people outside the skateboard community, but still shares its values. The particular “We-feeling” and community feeling in the skateboard culture is an ever present important key element in day to day operations of the company.

Superlative Conspiracy is the foundation for the entire company; it’s the idea and philosophy behind the company. One of the most important components of the Superlative Conspiracy™ is our Weactivists. A Weactivist is someone that is extremely good at what they do, world famous or totally unknown. Someone that has a “streetwise” mentality, that chooses his or her own path with a humble persona. A Weactivist is an informal ambassador that fly’s the flag of the Superlative Conspiracy in a variety of subcultures such as skate, music, film, art and so on. Our unique partnership with the Weactivists is sometimes tight and sometimes loose. WeSC loves to be challenged and wants to constantly seek out creative partnerships to grow the pond accordingly.

Its unparalleled image and brand building tactics make WeSC stand out from the rest."

It has apparel, which I was so surprised to find out when I visited the website, (their style is very laidback, casual, do visit) because I first found out about them as these SMASHING ED BANGER HEADPHONES! At first when I saw it in this mag at the club I was like WOAH those are really cute and ULTRA HOT! But then I saw it on the internet and I went "oh red and blue not pink and blue" but now the more I look at it the classier it gets because it really matches the style/image of its artists and So-Me, the guy who does the covers. I really wanna be a DJ and drop some heavy beats with my equipment right now.

Ed Banger Headphones

It turns out they have a couple of other collabos, with Steve Aoki and Amy Gunther, and THE BLOODY BEETROOTS!


Unless you wanna show your fanlove, try this more understated pair, which LOOKS super sleek and high tech >.<>
Alp Horn Headphones

Wait, there's more. While browsing through this drool worthy collection of sexy, accesorizable headphones, I stumbled across this wood version of the Dutch illustrator Parra. Nothing more streetstyle than what looks like skateboard wood for headphones.

He has very audacious designs, and that's the myspace link right there. A very distinctive, come hither pink panther colours style. It's so audacious, I suppose that is why his video has been banned on youtube. Well, you can still listen to the song, and imagine those dancing in your head. I actually watched the contraband material pre-ban ;) It's called Breakfast by Le Le, and it's a rather catchy house track ;) Well Parra hasn't only been seen on headphones, it's been seen on French label Sixpack which does a ton of collabos with graphic designers, like akroe, artists, illustrators, even Surkin is up there! Do visit, clicky boutique>tout sixpack to see all. I went through the whole list of shirts and have given it the stamp of fashion approval. GUYS, WEAR SIXPACK! (hint you'll look pretty WICKED). Well obviously, whoever has a hot bod will look good in 'most everything. Selling mostly t-shirts, we've seen the jap, the american version, now french. Il a vetements tres fantastique, regarder les hoodies! AUSSI, I'd love to see people wearing this:

By Fake

What the! Ha ha ha. Love the lightning flashing across HATE. The fanciful AND. The SPARKLES, the SKULL, and the BLEEDING DIE... What really ties it all together is the simple message. I hate myself and I want to die. Just subtly overkill me already. Some of my other favourites:

By Ryan Waller

By William

By Morning Breath
(The vampire one is cute too)

By Andy Rementer

This is becoming a too many to name post, but the freddy one is freaking hilarious! The typographical ones are SUPER FUNNY. Normally those are uncool, trashy and make you look like a douche, but these are super stylish and giggleblasters. There's one by Numskull, a couple by Grotesk. Agh two more:
By Grotesk

By Ill Studio
By Mark Owens
And yes, MUSIC. There's a link to a playlist over in Nov '08, I see Mr. Oizo, but now this went specially with Akroe's stuff, its called the Sixpack Anthem, it has french touch all over it!

To top it off, here comes KITSUNE MAISON! You know kitsune, the french electro label. The vid below showcases their Fall Winter '09 collection and is set to Kitsune Maison Compilation 7, nouvelle!

Kitsune Store in France

Somebody Somewhere Collection SS'09

White is an awesome decor choice.

MMM... tasty. I like Fashion x MUSIC.

-Miss C.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sugar Sweet

Just about a month after their Hello Kitty Collection, M.A.C has released Sugar Sweet, which comes in adorable pastel colours. M.A.C is fast! Well not just any pastel colours, but the tints that are white hot on the runway, especially that pantone pink we've been seeing!

Sugar Sweet

Personally I love the peppermint green nail polish, because it's so fresh! Yeah, I snapped one up for myself ;). The lip glosses come in three toned tubes, with a creamy layer at the bottom, followed by a toned one and a sheer one at the top! Perfect for mixing and matching according to your mood, which will definitely improve after you put them on! Apart from these sweet and fluffy frosty delights from Jones the Grocer's,


which may I add has the BEST ICING EVER, we saw a darling cupcake of our own. Nice harlequin pseudo tights! Yeah I got to stick some of em cutesy buttons and ribbons on her, like a homosapien Christmas tree! Which was fun by the way, except she's a cupcake don't you forget that.

Sprightly Petite Cupcake Girl

There was also makeup demonstration. The professional makeup artist aptly called the collection the faded colours of a rainbow. He showed us how to wear the pink eyeshades, although I think not everyone can wear them! It is suited for people with darker skintones, as it is not the rosy sort of blush, but a really fuchsia sort of pink.

Makeup Demo

To top it all off, thank you M.A.C we had a delightful time. And the small tube of lipglass for the door gift? Yum :) THANK YOU!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Didactic Essay on a Totally AWESOME Jacket and Life, Fashion, Art and Beauty

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

Wow. Sink your teeth into the fresh single from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Zero, with major riffs and man, look at that jacket. It is oh so sexy with her PVC dress. Love the huge K.O. at the back, and the arsenal of studs. Perfect for that high when you dance and sing as no one's looking. What a knockout!

Designer Christian Joy, does the costumes for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. UrbanOutfitters has the scoop with this interview right here. She's based in Brooklyn and I am in love with how colourful, quirky and acid her designs are. Totally trippy:

"Whenever I'm kind of stuck for inspiration, I'll just go online and look at David Bowie or Kansai Yamamoto. I love David Bowie, so he's my favourite. Right now I am into magic and spiritualism, a little more psychedelic, because I think that's where things are going. I'm also really inspired by the silent film Aelita:Queen of Mars - the costumes are all Russian Constructivist, and the sets are insane."

I love it. David Bowie as a muse. Sincerely, that is how I feel, the androgynous girl with a feminine side. Aye, the air is electric and that's also how I feel whenever I listen to electro music. Take me to another planet! At least, the nether depths of another space.... oddity? Ooh, guts! Showmanship! Her site is right here. She has a nice spring '09 collection too.

And, what is fashion without a cultured soul or history? It all boils down to philosophy, how you see life. Socrates disagreed with the Sophists (the artists, the people who made a living out of their wisdom) His favourite example was the flower, and if one upon seeing it could instantly feel the perfect, unchanging and purest form of beauty, recreating it in the form of an art piece would only be further from the truth. He also believed that no teacher could pass on a wealth of experience down to his student, only lead them in the right direction so they may experience the truth for themselves. Well yeah that's right Mr. Socrates, but for the first part, I BEG TO DIFFER! The image of the flower was filtered into our brains as electric signals upon first sight, hence our perception is an unavoidable prism.

Am I looking at the clouds or the air in front of me?

It has its limits. But sometimes, artists capture the secondary essence of something intangible, for preserving a memory or let's say an experience like perhaps a dream or a mood at that one moment, which encompasses many compacted forms, well there is just no other way to describe it, to solve a problem and understand it and show your appreciation for it except by creating something. Sometimes, it's just good to share it with the world, like I'm doing right now!

On another level, I'd like to think that fashion without context is dead. The stimulus has to come from something external, or the stream will eventually run dry. Kaput. To incorporate it into life and fuse it together with something else, that's another story, it collides and combusts into a powerful, and aesthetically pleasing beam of light! I recently read about Jean Charles de Castelbajac's recent foray into art with his Triumph of the Sign exhibition on Dazed Digital. I love his humour.

Remember his kermit and lego stuff? This time, he got Chinese artists to recreate the most beautiful works of art, and stamped them with the logos of powerhouse brands. He quotes:

"The bastard form of mass culture is humiliated repetition... always new books, new programs, new films, news items, but always the same meaning."

Roland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text

It looks to be a satirical statement on capitalism versus art, and boy are they hot! I love how he takes contrasts and mashes them together. One of the Antis of our time.

It's okay if you don't get the whole message of what art is about. When your brain feels those little bytes of pleasure as you glaze over a brilliant piece, you're already much closer. Socrates said that even though when 2 people look at a flower, although one might perceive it as beauty and the other do not, they both know that such a thing as beauty exists. We are forever creating in our own ways to reach out to it, so GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY!

-Miss C.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Godzilla Kicks

You need to have guts to pull off these limited edt. Puma kicks, part of Puma's Monster Pack Set Clearly spawned by Sci-Fi stop-motion mega monster flicks from the 60's. Now you can recreate all the mechanics of the lumbering, hulking beasts! Watch as the people cower in fear! Honestly, I loved Mechazilla from the old nintendo game. With lasers, flames and all. He was awesome in his own metal way of beating the crap outta everyone else. AURH! PEW PEW! These are almost firebreathing and skyscraping. I would say they're more of a collector's item than one for wearing, though I must say I like the gritty animal detail. Love the reptilian construction on the Lizoid King sneaker. The lines are just savage. Mount them on your wall. Don't hunt animals, hunt sneakers.

-Miss C.