Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My wanderlust unfolds into austere deserts and oases

A darkened flaxen,
veiled women,

golden tears,
parfum vials.

Givenchy Fall '09 Haute Couture

Givenchy Men's Spring '10

Wow Riccardo Tisci. I love Morocco. Who can't love this - the palatial prints, the stars, and the ornate hardware. Whittle away the high octane loudness and ostentatious lathering. It's so austere because it's nearly elemental - think topaz, rubies, gold, argentum, silk, burkas. The sidereal and sands whisper that it is time to pave the earth for reserved liberty and the unpretentious. Here's what Mr. Tisci has to say:

More from Christian Lacroix:

Christian Lacroix Fall '09 Haute Couture

Also look out for young Greek designer Mary Katrantzou, whose inspiration came from vintage perfume bottles.

Mary Katrantzou AW '09

I appreciate a fine execution. These collections are very fine indeed. Appreciated.

-Miss C.