Thursday, November 26, 2009

Simple accessories for the beatnik lover

Glasses are the first thing you notice about a person's face. No one can stop my glasses obsession right now; this is where all the research landed up.

It's great vintage doesn't survive forever, because then it becomes antique. What a jewel this is.

via Fabulous Fanny's, on 9th street, between 1st and 2nd avenues.

First off, Cazals, of which most are from the '80s. A little over the top, requires some sinking in. Some have this really tasty Egyptian feel to them, like those with the cloisonne decorations or swan arms. They exude old-lady chic. Haven't you ever seen those old ladies who looked so chic, in their scarves, and little coats, you could almost picture how they used to dance? The blue fade lens are so seductive. See how his designs change between each series. Yum. Savor just how beautiful "CAZAL" is etched out on the lens too.

via Vintage Sunglasses

Next, featuring the Moscot Lemtosh,

loved by Johnny Depp,

as well as other famous men,

for years. Check them out and try them on at the site. You may like em, and it's your choice as to whether you want to purchase a pair or two online, but to love em you have to drop by the store. Don't miss the time-worn, lemon yellow sign with the big, bold black letters "SOL MOSCOT" on them. It is situated a wee bit east of the West Village.

Philip Crangi, the jewellery designer wears them too.

The same goes for the bracelets on a wrist or a necklace on a neck. Something there, previously gone unnoticed, is made more visible.

His jewellery is deliciously simple and blacksmithy.They are edgy without being too distressed or punk-ish, and created with tender care in his NYC studio. All by himself. Riveting.

The leather on the bracelet turns darker with time. There is a dusty pink version of this, which I wish would stay pristine though it'd be fun to see it turn brown... I'm half euch and half ooh with that.

The rings and bracelets can be engraved, and a consumer certainly appreciates when his or her jewellery is customizable, because it is a personal object to be worn all day, or even for days at a time. The store, called The Crangi Family Project, which is located in the Meatpacking District, is a rather quaint place. Look, HARD, for where it is. It has tin roofing. Just next to Pastis. I really love the hooks, nuts, and bent railroad spikes, echoing how banal is cool.

Of course, it is the hot thing to do reissues and collaborations nowadays. When is it never?

Cazal x Dita

Moscot x Common Projects

Philip Crangi x Giles and Brother

If you are interested, do look them up.

A great place to wear any of these is in David Hockney's A Bigger Splash, 1967.

In a suit.

Tailored or bathing.

If you are bored, view his new exhibition in the Andre Emmerich Gallery in Chelsea. All the values are of roughly the same value, of equal saturation, but further in the back, it gets gradually less busy and further away. Hence you can really imagine yourself walking into this wonky landscape. His mindscape, perhaps.

Hawthorne Blossom, Woldgate No. 4, 2009

It is funny how microcosms interact to form a bigger one. NYC is a huge cultural melting pot, and this cannot be emphasized more. My locale influences me, but I have a greater need to influence it.

Style always evolves, but something always stays the same; it would be too contrived to describe it, because it is a feeling best kept to yourself. If in a collection the designer's voice is lost to a change, there is something wrong. Hypocrites can't trick people. That's why the word "hypocrite" exists. Don't listen to what that high horse lover, or the oratory pathologist has to say. You know what suits you best. I personally enjoy having a Me complex, but only in the comforts of a silent black room with a hanging lightbulb in my head. Respect that you have your own too. "I think, therefore I am" needs no broadcasting, but introspect and understanding.

The greatest mistake and stroke of genius are ironically and concurrently present in a designer's pastiche. Blatant copying sucks more than keeping a mind of your own.

-Miss C.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Need New Lunettes

My geek-chic alert radar has been sent in to hyperdrive. To clarify, it's not a want, but a NEED. So here I am, spoilt for choice. Should I pick Rio or Paris? Choosing a vacation destination should not be a problem, but these Prism glasses - oh- they're from London and a pair comes in an exquisite crystal box. I love their designs, the frames are simple and flattering, angular to complement the round and round to complement the angular. And and and I really want to try them on. Where's the stockist when you need one? Barney's seems to be out, and it is coming soon to Opening Ceremony, but I just can't wait. There are some things you just need to get your hands on, and put them on yo FACE. As with clothing, an accessory has to fit in seamlessly with the whole equation! Secretly, I'm lusting after the zebra horn, but wear it too often and the kitsch factor compounds. How can I resolve the dilemma about colours then? Crystal grey or dark tortoise? I'm somewhat leaning towards the dark tortoise now. (Think...) It's either the Rio in crystal grey or Paris in dark turquoise. They come at 205 pounds a pop. Hmm. There is always the option of getting both, but I will explicitly state here that I would most certainly like a pair as a present. Please!

What do you think? I have eyeballed their handsome blog, but seeing is certainly not believing. FEELING is. Along with seeing. Don't miss out on the feeling.

London in Dark Tortoise Shell (Large, rounded. Also, probably too large for my small head)

Paris in Zebra Horn (Adorably described as coquetteish - tres mignonne!)

Rio in Crystal Grey (Cat eyes. Look smart, think smart, like an architect.)

Jessica Stam rocks this look. So now it changes colour too. Awesome!

Conclusively, unless I can make an informed decision, I shall be trapped in a Pandora's Box situation, where curiosity kills the cat. Not to fear, for there is light at the end of the tunnel, as the cat is survived by her kittens and remaining 8 lives. Time will pass!

-Miss C.

Update: They have some remaining styles at Barney's namely the Rios, Londons, New Yorks... No Paris in sight. Arriving in Opening Ceremony next week!