Monday, January 25, 2010

Altaira & Co. from The Forbidden Planet (1956)

Proof of fashion in heavy rotation can arguably be found in the old futuristic science fiction movie, probably second to none other than War of the Worlds (1953), The Forbidden Planet (1965). It is based on the Tempest, and suspenseful at every turn. The synthetic sounds add to an undercurrent of entrancing discomfort, crossfading into the silence of outer space and clinical, serious dialogue.

Anne Francis handles the role as the daughter of a self-exiled hermit and closet megalomaniac with aplomb. Her performance as the otherworldly Altaira is beguiling. Her pet robot processes her orders to make clothes with precious green emeralds out of thin air. Is that not a dream? One wonders if she has alien DNA; her actions are unsettling; graceful, childlike, and unknowing. Interestingly, the outfits she wears, once portrayed as fantastical and absurdly short costumery, are now being placed on a pedestal in the fashion world. As special effects are becomingly increasingly digitized, with the art of frame by frame drawings and paintings rapidly disappearing, the ones employed in this movie at times seem cheesy, yet surprisingly sophisticated. A visual and ponderable feast that is sure to fulfill your geeky needs, and exceedingly in that respect, many times over. Watch it at YouTube.

Sequins, mi lady?

Balmain? That's so millenia ago.

No wait, gold rivets. Wait. Gold still exists?

He didn't notice my collar!

We're talking about synchrony - hot uniforms. Pressed to be dressed.

Your necklace caught my attention.

Yes, that was the intention. I'm glad you've finally taken notice.

We must find this Gareth Pugh character, and question him.

But question is really a euphemism for interrogation.

Hear ye, hear ye, the all-white wrap dress

That looks like it could transform into a jumpsuit or resort maxi dress.

I like my bow/tie to match in more ways than one.

The bow/tie needs no tying too.

*Shell-shocked expressions*

*Nodding in agreement*

The new posse.

This is a black tie EVENT!

He secretly loves our simple caps with the logo and our multifunctional belts. And by multifunctional, I mean they can carry more than one object, especially act as a holster for our ray guns. You got me? Take care of your guns! I know he digs 'em.

I can't stand the drapery,

or that sheerness, your plunging V-neck line-

Or that flouncy skirt!

Don't be alarmed, the man wears a cape!

Altaira, we give up, how can we beat your perfectly cinched waist?

But wait! Is there a worthy opponent?

I shouldn't have worn this greyish-blue! It was too much for him to bear!

It's alright, it defeated that monster of an outfit.

In the future, what's a girl to do when no one can tell what's Winter or Spring anymore!

Hold your horses, Little Blue Riding Hood.

That robot's gonna be the next big thing.

Ah. How I long to be in an era like that. In case you aren't wondering, which I am guessing you still aren't wondering, that dashing James Bond lookalike is actually Mr. Magoo, aka Leslie Nielsen.

-Miss C.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Discovery #1.

Les Nereides
, is a French Jewellery brand. Nereides means goddesses or nymphs of the sea, which *ta-da* hints at the prevailing theme of *miserable drum roll* miscellany. Their charms look like they were sifted out of a bucket labeled ‘WARNING: TOXIC PARAPHERNALIA’, as the dangling rows of little trinkets range from blue genies to circus folk to anthropomorphic kittens and frog ballerinas to the occasional garden gnome to the really random Japanese Daruma Doll. You can supposedly spot the French girl wearing Les Nereides’ cutesy statement pieces with a simple outfit. Apparently charms are designed exclusively by Les Nereides, and not a third party-supplier, so each of the bracelets, earrings and necklaces are limited editions produced with tender loving care. They also have a younger sub-line called N2. Their blog has that same mood of reverie, and the designers appear to be fun-loving young people.

Sold Out "Café des Poètes" Necklace on Colette

Necklace on sale at Karma Loop

N2 Giraffe Necklace at Olivolga

N2 Pig Necklace at Olivolga

The eyeball thing is very prevalent in jewelery lately. As well as animal heads. The human race is sadistic.

Discovered at:
Shop 217, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon &
Kiosk 3, Level 2, Beauty@Atrium, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon &
Small boutiques along Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Discovery #2.

The Liger Store has an attention-grabbing name, especially to Napoleon Dynamite Fans who remember his incredibly artistic doodle on the bored student’s favorite medium of choice, the ubiquitous white printer paper.

The Sexiest Beast Alive

There is an underground, cult vibe that emanates from this store, because it is only for the adventurous. It was set up by actress Hilary Tsui (wife of singer Eason Chan), and stylist Dorothy Hui. Their respective blogs (Hilary's is here, Dorothy's is here) show their trendiness and a taste for high fashion.


image via style


First of all, the store is on the second storey of a shophouse, with warm light beaming from the frosted windows, like visiting a guru in the mountains. There is a task to complete before one can embark on this shopping quest. Like a back-room restaurant with a packed waiting list, you have to press the buzzer before someone above silently unlocks the gates, and finally, worth all your effort, you are permitted to enter. Way to whittle down to the fashion worthy!

The brands I thought were really interesting were T.A.T.A Baby, Yeah Right and Johanna Ho. T.A.T.A (Talking About The Abstraction) Baby is a really cool Japanese brand that does hyperphotorealistic clothes, putting a whole new spin on trompe l'oeil. At first I was appalled at how they could blatantly rip off the Hermes design (duh) but then I realized the ingenuity, irony, wit, and artistry that went into it, rivaling that of Magritte's paintings! (Just kidding, Magritte is awesome... Tricked ya! HAW HAW.) I suspect they must have stolen some highly advanced color photocopier from area 51 though... A very plausible prospect indeed.Do you know what this means?! They can cut down on labour and time spent on the repetitive process of cutting patterns and sewing! They can also create the illusion of leather without having to commit mass murder! However, I balk at the thought of tons of people carrying the duds around. They also do normal clothes, and they are great as well. Very funky and casual stuff.

Hilary with T.A.T.A Baby Photo Print Birkin Bag

The bag featured on Jak & Jil no one knows about because Tommy Ton doesn't wanna tell anybody

The back of this jacket is even more amazing!

Images via Ancient Age

Johanna Ho is a Hong Kong graduate from Central St. Martins, who has a very soft but structural style. Me likey!

I attained enlightenment and bought a slouchy chocolate brown sweater from their house brand Oh My God.

Discovered at:
1/F no. 11 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Discovery #3.

Similarly, the nearby eyeglasses shop
Visual Culture
is situated above ground, with hypnotic TV screens insidiously reprogramming you to find an entrance round the corner and up another staircase. Check out their blog here.

It is now an in-thing to hide the entrance; it's like a game, like the movie SAW.


They understand how the thrill of finding that perfect pair is such an essential mission in life, such that when I did not want to get anything (since I had just gotten a new pair) I saw the sales guy’s smile falter with a slight smidgen of disappointment. The people here know their eyewear, bringing in names like Moscot, Shuron and Jean Maryll. They have Linda Farrow too. I LOVE LINDA FARROW x whatever designer, they make eyewear of an
excellent quality.

Well, these look familiar. Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott

Japanese Outermost Design Frames

In addition to aviators, they have beautiful GOGGLES, by Baruffaldi, a Milanese brand specializing in goggles since 1932. They look like the ones the old Up dude has.

Baruffaldi Goggles

Baruffaldi Annapurna Mountain Natural Leather Shades

German Fredenhaus Aviator Frames

Random factoid: in the 1960s, Hong Kong was the main producer of toy cameras like the the Diana, so you can probably trust them to be good with lenses, frames and the like.

Discovered at:

Flat J,1/F Po Foo building, No:1-5 Foo Ming street, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

-Miss C.