Sunday, January 3, 2010

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A culture is the best feeding ground for vultures like myself. Apart from the internet, I like to do a little research on foot. It is disgusting as I recount how many links and patterns are being drawn out at the moment. I am truly becoming quite geeky... Or is this behavior, this trait of hoarding information, something that has always resided within me?

A Culture Vulture

Hong Kong is a superb place to shop, because the environment is conducive for spending. A stratum of brand names can be found throughout the island and Kowloon. A.P.C planted its third store here before the first opened in London, while Isabel Marant did likewise before opening in New York. (Impressive, but it still doesn't beat Tokyo, which has 15 A.P.C stores.)

A.P.C. at Wyndham Street, Central

Opening T-Shirt
images via hypebeast

There are seasoned buyers who know their stuff, consolidating brands that speak to their target consumer, and placing them at specific sites, such that when they see something they like, they fall in love in an instant. Hong Kong’s fashion taste appears to begin with the population developing a seeded preference for a favorite brand and then worshiping it. The only conscious choice the consumer has to make, is which go-to place they want to return to. Various brand names are extremely accessible and attainable.

There is always something unique to be found if you have the patience to sift through various boutique buildings in Causeway Bay, like Laforet and Island Beverley, that stock a smattering of Korean and Japanese import clothing and accessories, as well as a few original designs by local designers.

The Hustle and Bustle of Causeway Bay

Then there’s the famous Lane Crawford, Joyce, and I.T, all strategically located in the modern and spacious Pacific Place, where it is a breeze to peruse through the designer goods. I.T specifically, has updated and included more up and coming designers over the years. For the younger crowd, there is i.t (essentially the same thing). For an extra dose of mega malls, there are Times Square, IFC mall, and Harbour City as well.

Luxury Retailer Bigwig Lane Crawford at IFC Mall, Central

The fashion forward Lane Crawford ropes in Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil to photograph Hong Kong style. Visit the blog here.

Pacific Place

Every visit to the city is a voyage of discovery. ( Daft Punk!) It surprises every time. (One more time!)

-Miss C.

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